What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be described as non-judgmental awareness in day-to-day life.

With mindfulness we systematically cultivate our ability to be with whatever is happening at the moment, allowing space for the experience to come and go

without adding our habitual overlay of suffering, frustration, or fear.

Mindfulness helps us cope with stressful situations with greater clarity and equanimity

What is MBSR?

MBSR (Mindfulness - Based  Stress Reduction)is a simple yet deeply effective way to deal with stress and the demands of everyday life, and to mobilize our inner resources for coping, healing, and growing.

The program

MBSR is an experiential program pioneered by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at UMass Medical School over 35 years ago. MBSR has been shown in clinical research to have a profound effect on our ability to effectively regulate the mind, and consequently the emotions and to a significant degree, physical health. It is used in complementary and alternative medicine programs at over 300 universities and medical centers around the world. With its focus on the development of non-judgmental awareness of our moment-to-moment experience, MBSR offers a powerful, integrated approach to working with our daily physical, emotional and psychological stress, as well as offering powerful coping tools for dealing with chronic pain and debilitating illness. For many, this program provides a solid foundation for deep emotional healing and growth.

Here are some of the long-lasting effects confirmed in clinical and scientific studies related to MBSR:

  1. Bulletimproved health-related quality of life

  2. Bulletreduced chronic pain and physical distress

  3. Bulletreduced anxiety and depression

  4. Bulletreduced tension, anger, and fatigue

  5. Bulletmore effective coping with stressful situations

  6. Bulletmore equanimity

  7. Bulletincreased ability to relax and come to rest

  8. Bulletenhanced self-esteem and acceptance

  9. Bulletmore energy and vitality

Some of the reasons people participate:

  1. Bulletstress - due to job, family, relationships

  2. Bulletchronic pain and illness

  3. Bulletanxiety

  4. Bulletfatigue

  5. Bulletto actively contribute to one's health and well-being

  6. Bulletto live more mindfully and equanimously

What to expect:

Highly participatory, this program will provide you with:

  1. Bullet guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices;

  2. Bullet gentle mindful yoga;

  3. Bullet group dialogue and mindful exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life; and

  4. Bullet home practice materials including guided mindfulness practice CDs and a workbook.

The program is challenging and life-affirming. In a safe, supportive, and deeply engaging experiential learning environment, you will learn and practice methods to help you integrate mindfulness into your everyday life.

Course offerings in English:

Weeklong retreats in MBSR on Crete (Greece)

individualized instruction in Kalamaki/Crete, in Prien am Chiemsee/Germany,

or via Skype (cost €720 for 8 x 90min sessions including all text and mp3  practice materials)

For more information and course registration,

contact me at mbsr@turnblad.de or +49 1627957440

MBSR Kristin Turnblad       mbsr@turnblad.de  +49 (0)1627957440     http://mbsr.turnblad.de

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